May 05, 2004

Restored Memories

In response to my moaning about only having one half of How the West was One, a kind reader and fellow Orthoblogger has been kind enough to provide a replacement copy of the first CD. I don't know if he would want me to mention him here by name.

As I have been listening to it, it brings back so many memories. Some are directly related to the album, others only tangentally so. I remember spending hours playing the songs out of my 2nd Chapter of Acts songbook on the old upright piano at the church. As I started listening to HTWWO I was playing quite a bit of air guitar. However, when it got to "Now I That I Belong To You" I started playing air piano, because despite my fairly modest skills, I could play all the argeggios and runs of the instrumental break. It was like my fingers still remembered the motions. At least it was much more authentic than my digital emulation of Phil Keaggy.

The CD also reminds me of the various times I saw 2nd Chapter and Keaggy in concert (separately, of course). One of the times I saw the latter, I arranged to do an interview for a book I was hoping to write (an ambitious project for a 18 or 19 year old). I must have the cassette tape of that interview somewhere. No doubt it is buried in the boxes and boxes of tapes in my parents' garage.

I think about the first time I saw 2nd Chapter. My parents took me up to Houston to a church, the name of which escapes me but it seems like it was somewhere around 12th and Shepherd (any ideas?), and sat in the back while I sat right behind Buck Herring's bald head at the sound board. I had no idea then that I would have breakfast with Buck and Annie in their home six years later. But that's another story...

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