November 03, 2003

Dorothy Rushdoony, RIP

I was both saddened and gladdened to learn this evening of the passing of Dorothy Rushdoony, the widow of R J Rushdoony. She was 87. A good innings, as they say here. I was saddened because for some reason death has that effect on us as people. I was gladdened because I also learned that she had Alzheimer's and is now again of sound mind, and with the Lord.

I only met Dorothy once, in the autumn of 1994, at the same time that I met Rush. I remember her as a dear, sweet lady. She was legally blind and I remember how Rush led her by the arm, counting steps for her. He may have the pen of a firebrand, but in person R J was the epitome of a gentle man. The most vivid memory I have of Dorothy was at the dinner table at a friend's home. I was a bachelor at the time and she was suggesting suitable candidates as wives - all young women possessing suitably theonomic credentials. I'm sure (or at least I hope) Mrs H is glad I didn't pursue any of the possibilities put forward.

Though I am theologically in a different place than I was at the time, I still appreciate the contribution that Dorothy Rushdoony has made to the life of the Church. And I'm glad that by getting to spend a couple of days with her, she made a small contribution to my life.

For my theonomic friends or anyone else who might be interested, you can read her obituary on the Chalcedon Foundation website.

Memory eternal!

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