August 13, 2003

The Weight of Bureaucracy

As you may remember reading, I have been trying for some time to get paperwork from the Government. I finally received it today.

My file consisted of a ream of paper (I'm not exaggerating), but they didn't send me the one piece of paper I wanted. The one that they could have just photocopied at the local office. The one that has a series of my signatures on it.

They spent 17.50 in postage, not to mention the photocopying costs, in toner, wear and tear, and employee time. All of this because I wanted to a copy of one piece of paper I still don't have.

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your last five posts have been very enjoyable. Holy cow! 8 pairs of shoes! I'm certain i'll be following in your footsteps shortly with Basil right around the corner.

Posted by: aaron at August 13, 2003 11:13 PM