July 02, 2003

The Resistance

It appears that the countryside is not going to go down without a fight. The more militant pro-hunt activists have held their fire while the Countryside Alliance negotiated with the Government. As normally quiet, law-abiding citizens, they would much prefer to see things properly sorted out. That is not to say they have trusted the Government. No one would be so foolish as to do that.

In plans that have been developed for months, this more militant wing will be disrupting traffic in the major cities. There are also threats to electricity supplies and telecommunications networks. The Government will have a lot more than al Qaeda to worry them, though I'm sure hunt supporters will not endanger human lives.

No doubt MI5 will develop a profile of suspected countryside saboteurs. Police will have to be on the lookout for white, middle-aged women wearing Barbour jackets and wellies, driving 20-year-old Landrovers covered in mud.

Posted by david at July 2, 2003 04:30 PM