April 19, 2003

Another busy day, so not

Another busy day, so not much time to blog. Sorry, campers.

We went to see my father-in-law for an early celebration of his birthday. Aidie got Grampy a nice jumper (that's a sweater to the Americans out there) from Burton's. His mummy and daddy ordered something from Amazon, but it didn't manage to get here in time.

This evening Mrs Holford wanted to rent a video. At her request, I obtained The Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks. I liked it and she didn't. I may review it here later, but it is too fresh to be objective.

And I want to mention the link that Huw Raphael Richardson has include on his blog, Doxos. I especially wanted to mention it because he is the only person linking so far that has also mentioned the Mental Meanderings. Thanks Huw Raphael!

For tomorrow I wish those in the Western churches a blessed and happy Easter, as those in the East observe Palm Sunday and the beginning to Holy Week. One day we may all celebrate the Paschal Feast of Feasts on the same day.

Posted by david at April 19, 2003 10:56 PM